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ALERT FOR IMMIGRANT PARENTS HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILDREN COPE WITH THE POSSIBLE “ICE” RAIDS By Vilma E. Matos, LCSW-R Second Vice President of NAPRHSW During the past few weeks there has been an increased threat on Long Island, whether...  Read this »

2015 Boat Ride Photo Stream Is Up Here!

You can view the photos from NAPRHSW's annual boat ride by clicking here!  Read this »

Anxiety and PTSD in Latino Children of Immigrants by Maria Elisa Cuadra

Copay Inc. has recently posted an article on Anxiety and PTSD in Latino Children of Immigrants. The article was written by Maria Elisa Cuadra, and a sample can be viewed below: Among...  Read this »

View Photos From Our 2014 Boat Ride!

View photos from our boat ride by clicking here!  Read this »


In accordance with the new age, we would like to give new and upcoming members the opportunity to join NAPRHSW and extend another way for them to make their membership payment. There are several ways to go about this. First and foremost, you are always...  Read this »

30th Gala Photos!

Here you will find photos from the 30th Gala Event: Photos by ED Roldan, LMSW  Read this »

Dr. Roy Aranda’s Revised Tool Kit for Families of Hospitalized Mentally Ill Persons

For those interested, Dr. Roy Aranda's Revised Took Kit can be found by clicking here. For those interested, you can also use this page to follow him over Twitter!  Read this »

Dr. Roy Aranda’s Tidbits On CYBER BULLYING

If you click this link you will be taken to Dr. Roy Aranda's site where he shares with you tidbits from his conference on Cyber Bullying which was held at St. John's University on November 15, 2013. Additionally we have shared the article below:...  Read this »

Contaminated Heroin by María Elisa Cuadra‐Fernández

Contaminated Heroin: a Serious Danger, How Parents Can Protect and Help Their Teens By María Elisa Cuadra‐Fernández,LCSW‐R, ACSW, CASAC, CPP, ICPS, ICADC Executive Director/CEO, COPAY Inc. Introduction The death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and the unexpected deaths...  Read this »


NAPRHSW like many other non-profit associations benefits from the donations of generous businesses and individuals. If you believe you have a donation that helps to benefit Hispanic Social Workers, and aspiring social workers then please consider visiting our donations page! Best,...  Read this »

School Social Work Perspective On The Crisis At The Border By Vilma Matos

A School Social Worker Perspective On the Crisis at the Border By Vilma Matos, LCSW-R Bilingual School Social Worker The current crisis of unaccompanied Latino children crossing “LA FRONTERA” has polarized the federal government. The politicians are playing a game of...  Read this »

Gone But Not Forgotten: Pauline Velazquez

Pauline Velazquez, M.S.W. - 1931 - 2014 Founder, President, National Association Of Puerto Rican Hispanic Social Workers, NAPRHSW Former Division Director NASW—NYS Suffolk Division Executive Director, Nassau Suffolk Hispanic Task Force, Inc. Pauline was born...  Read this »
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